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Updating profile

Seeing as how we have a new resident Eight Pound Blogger, it was about time we updated the profile photo.

Not, too shabby?  Right?  Right?


Tiny boy? Or huge cupcake?

Here is one of the greatest Max quotes of all time:

"I ate a tremendous cupcake!"

Max did the math.  One cupcake.  One boy.  It all shakes out just right!

Mountain Toddler Series


More scrappiness

There!  Wasn't that easier than actual scrap booking?  Cheaper too!

Getting ready for Halloween!

The cotton candy was sadly too, too much for Max

Madam Molly gazes into her crystal ball and sees the future. 
Candy . . . she sees candy!
After she gets her teeth,

Excuses, excuses

Yes.  I am ever so aware of the lag in posting here at the Eight Pound Blogger.  But there was a problem.  Our resident eight pound blogger, Max, is no longer an eight-pounder.

"I am roughly a twenty-eight pound blogger, thank you very much"

Not only has Max vastly exceeded the target weight to be the Eight Pound Blogger, I am finding it increasingly difficult to exercise any meaningful direction or control over the content of his work.  Just now I asked him what he would like to say in today's post, and he just said, "POO HEAD!"  I asked him if he would prefer to say a friendly hello, be he persisted, "No.  I really just wanted to say POO HEAD.  Can't I just say poo head?"  Then he threw a laundry basket over my head.

So it is that Max is moving on to bigger and better things.  We have had to bring in a new guest blogger.  We have only had one applicant, but we are so please with her, we hired her on the spot.

Last May at 5:30, we went to the hospital to meet with the applicant.  I arrived by car ...

... our applicant arrived a couple hours later by a friggin' hot air balloon!

This is Ms. Molly Wynn. 

I got to conduct the first round of interviews.  "Good morning.  It is so very nice to meet you, Ms. Molly!  Tell me, are you eight pounds?"  She responded, "Where the hell am I?!  How did I get here? I am only 7 pounds, but I feel confident I will eventually be eight pounds."

Max also got a chance to pepper Molly with tough interview questions.  He found
her to be an impressive young woman who would be a suitable addition to the team.

Max gives Molly the good news that she will be offered the position of the new Eight Pound Blogger, and explains
the duties and expectations of the position - primarily that Max get pleanty of continued coverage in the blog.

Welcome aboard Molly Wynn!

Report Cards

Max's daycare provides us with daily report cards.  I generally find them quite delightful.  Here a couple of recent samples which made me chuckle.

Maybe Max is not necessarily "bossy," perhaps he is just an "activities coordinator."

Okay.  How has it never occurred to me that good acoustics would provide excellent
incentive to having bowel movements in the potty?  Also it says much about my
maturity level that it  makes me giggle that this form is called "Child's Daily Log." 

Silly man thought he could get a nap

So Dad thought he would try to take a quick nap one day.  Max took this attempt as a personal challenge.

With Olympian form, Max ran across the room and high jumped onto the napping surface (and the napper).

That is where he discovered Dad engaged in nothing productive whatsoever.

Max is fond of quoting Newton.  Especially when he is standing directly atop your person.

People.  Furniture.  Max refuses to make a distinction.

Dad:  a good sport, but not especially peppy in this photo.

Blues Man Max

I was born for bad luck . . . (ba dah-da-dum)
And that you will see . . . (ba dah-da-dum)
Got a new baby brother or sister . . . (ba dah-da-dum)
Movin' in with me . . . (ba dah-da-dum)
I've been feel down . . . (oooo so down)
since I got the bad news . . . (ba dah-da-dum)
I've got the . . .  (Bah-bum)
Big Brother Blues!
(Dah- ba dah-ba dah-ba dah-ba buh . . .  OH YEAH)

Respect Naptime

Mom, Dad and Max enjoyed some of the lovely autumn weather in Park City, picnicked in the park, and enjoyed a lovely ride up the mountain on the Town Lift.  In classic Maxwell form, littleman got down to the serious business of having fun.

Max fearlessly explored unfamiliar playground terrain.

He wasted no time conquering the rope jungle gym

He boldly dozed while dangling forty feet off the ground.

Climbs Like a Pirate

Max has been working on his tree-climbing skill this summer, but his metaphor-crafting skills still need a little work

Dad says, "Max!  You climb like a Monkey!"

Max disagreed, "I climb like a PIRATE!"


There wasn't much gap between Max figuring out the spray nozzle and his realization that he could spray us while we were still in the house.

Mom took these photos after she sopped up the house and regained a sense of humor.

Happy Fourth of July!

What could be more American than a boy and his tractor?


Max clearly indicates his desire to sit in the driver's seat and take this baby for a spin

His request to sit on the tractor denied, Max gets to work on another plan to move it down the road


Sadly It is much harder to push this tractor than the ones Max has at home

Hitting the Kiddie Pool

Dad took these photos with his camera phone.  Not too shabby!

"easing in"

"the hunker"

Max's first place

Max bought his first house for $10.00 (his parents had to co-sign).  It is a cozy little place.  Unfortunately since the downturn of the economy, this house would sell on today's market for only $8.23.  Times are tough all over, man.

Economic woes aside, Max is still enjoying his house and
loves to host visitors (there are some limited exceptions).

One morning, Mom came home from running errands, and couldn't find Max or Dad.  She heard some noise coming from Max's house and she went to investigate:
Dad had set up Max's house up with a home theater system,
and the Gaines men were watching "The Incredibles"


Grandma and Grandma Gaines are hosting Max at their home this week.  They surprised Max with a cool truck for him to play with.

Care to venture any guesses what he thought of this nifty new toy?

I think it's fair to say he was impressed.

See ya later alligator . . .

 . . . After while, plaid-argyle!